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I Am, I Lurk

I am the dirt swept under your carpet I am a skeleton in your closet I am your dirty secret I lurk in the darkness of your heart I am the black sheep of your family I am a rebel without a cause I am the ultimate outcast I lurk in the murk of your … Continue reading

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You Could Be Me

I pass you everyday with your stringy hair and your vacant stare. You could be me. I ask if you’re ok your eyes stare straight through yet my soul it knew. You could be me. One day we did connect that moment of care that smile we did share. You could be me. Then one … Continue reading

Get a Room

A poetic duet written by Hasty Words and Twindaddy as party of Hasty’s 1 year blogoversary! We’ve been talking forever The time has come We’ll soon be face to face I’m coming undone My pulse quickens My heartbeat erratic Butterflies in my stomach Sweating profusely Anticipation intense I begin to pace I need to breathe … Continue reading

Woke up Sad

I woke up sad and cried a little still find it a bit, no a lot difficult to comprehend that you are no longer here or available.

Numb the Pain

Alcohol seeps Into veins Whisks away All the pains

Ode to My Children

I was afraid today’s prompt would include Valentine’s Day in some way.  I can’t stand this fake holiday.  Let’s celebrate love?  If you aren’t celebrating love every day then you’re failing at life.  But retailers make money on this holiday so I’m afraid it’s not going anywhere.  Oh well… It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an … Continue reading

Insomnious Nightmare

Curled up in bed Under the covers Sleep out of reach Consciousness hovers

Chain of Pain

My most prized possession My precious heart Entrusted to you You tore it apart

Eternal Flame – A Romantic Monday Post

Call it fate Or perhaps destiny I believe in my heart That we’re meant to be

When I Said I Do – A Romantic Monday Post

Your hand enclosed in mine As slowly we stroll Being here next to you Warms my very soul

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