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I Am, I Lurk

I am the dirt swept under your carpet I am a skeleton in your closet I am your dirty secret I lurk in the darkness of your heart I am the black sheep of your family I am a rebel without a cause I am the ultimate outcast I lurk in the murk of your … Continue reading

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Ignite Hell

Love has been vanquished Conquered by time Robbed of emotions Detestable crime Carved deep within A gaping hole Ignite hell Ignite hell in my soul Wonderment grows Why does love fade? No reason to maintain This foolish charade Here we part ways Fates intertwined Ignite hell Ignite hell in my mind Conflagration enkindled Deep in … Continue reading

Ruthless Ambition

Without a word, she dropped to the ground Queen of the lionesses, she’d soon be crowned The King had gotten cozy with another, you see She had to be eliminated, quite ruthlessly From her perch, high above the land She observed the assassination go just as planned Minions bribed with promises untrue Disposed of that … Continue reading

Needed No More

This poem has been sitting in my drafts folder for over seven months. It has no bearing on anything going on right now. I figured I may was well publish it before I eventually tire of it and delete it. Be gentle, I wrote this while…not sober. It’s not great, but not totally horrible, either. … Continue reading

The Day Tripper

He possessed great balance Dignified grace Feline agility Never planted his face The moon fueled this trait Its majestic lunar glow Amplified this talent It’s gift to bestow The dawn of the sun The absence of night His ultimate weakness His kryptonite Like a delicate flower Deprived of water His abilities wilt The grace of … Continue reading


I stare at the ceiling I stare at the wall Despite my fatigue My eyelids won’t fall It goes to work The beast within Its task to accomplish An evil grin Wicked thoughts roam Pervade my mind Anarchic demons In my head confined What ifs aplenty What coulds abound A pool full of worries In … Continue reading

Dance With My Devils

It has been far too long since I have written a duet with the very talented Miss Hasty. So I reached out to her. She was a bit reluctant at first, since she’s so much more talented than I am. She didn’t want me dragging her down. I gave her one of those really ugly … Continue reading

Feature Friday: Daises From Dust

It’s Friday, bitches! This can mean only one thing! Yes, the weekend is coming up. What? No, you don’t have to work the next two days. Huh? Yes, you’ll be getting drunkeh tonight. Sigh. Shut up. Okay, it means A LOT of things, but I’m only here to talk about one of them. Why? Because … Continue reading

Fallible Heart

To my left rests a rock To my right a hard place In between I am stuck In this forsaken space People and misdeeds I thought buried in time Have come back to haunt me No reason, no rhyme I try to make amends I try to decide So much shit from Which I’d rather hide … Continue reading

Death’s Cold Embrace

Pressures, deadlines My heartbeat redlines Toil and trying Sunken and crying Destined to fail Lost in fairytale Warmth slips away Like sunlight from day Lessons lost Cold decisions cost Constantly dragging Direction lagging Nothingness approaches Dark journey encroaches Floating in space To death’s cold embrace Are you a poet? Do you moonlight as one in … Continue reading

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