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RTotD: 3/2

It’s that time again, everyone. It’s time for you to take a brief step into my brain. I promise to try and make it as painless as possible, but I guarantee nothing. If you start to experience any side effects, please consult your doctor immediately. We here at Stuphblog take no responsibility for it if … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts of the Day: 2/9/14

I haven’t done one of these Random Thought posts in a while. Since that is too long to go in between hearing my pearls of wisdom, I decided to be a nice guy and “bless” you with more of them. After reading the first few of them, I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out … Continue reading

Random Thought of the Day: Stinky Medicine?

Hello, my name is Twindaddy and I’m medicated. I take Prozac on a daily basis. It is my ever-vigilant companion in my daily struggle with the depression demon. We fight the glorious fight together. Comrades in arms.

RTotD: Mysteries

I read a lot. That’s not a really a very big revelation. I read books, comic books, and, on occasion, other people’s blogs. While I like all of those things, I read books more than anything. There are many different kinds of books, but, after looking through my book collection, there are only a few genres … Continue reading

RTotD: 5/16

It’s time for more of my random thoughts. Most of you will probably run away screaming at that proclamation, but to those of you brave enough to stay, you need mental help. Know how I know that? We can see our own. Anyways, here we go…. Why is it that even though they’re part of … Continue reading

RTotD: Can you see it?

I’m going to go way, way out on a limb and assume that anyone that has wits enough to read and comprehend these words also knows that when the temperature outside drops to a certain point that you can see your own breath.

Random Thought of the Day: What is the bee’s knees?

So I was Facebook stalking perusing my Facebook feed yesterday when I came across the following post…

Random Thought of the Day: New Product Needed

You know how flat-top stoves having a warning light on them that shines when the cooking surface is still hot so you don’t accidentally put your hand on the stove and burn the shit out of yourself and have to make an unexpected and extremely costly trip to the emergency room?  Damn that was a … Continue reading

Random Thought of the Day: Stupidity in Advertising

I drove by a Tire Discounters store this morning and, as I was sitting in traffic, had time to read the sign outside the store.  What the sign said dumbfounded me.  Unfortunately, the light turned green before I could whip my phone out and take a picture of it.  Plus it was raining and my … Continue reading

Random Thought of the Day 12/4/2012

Have you ever noticed when you’re driving down the interstate or a highway that when you come upon a police officer who has pulled someone over that everyone slows down? I have noticed this many times before.  I noticed it yesterday, too.   But then I started thinking; wouldn’t the best time to be speeding be … Continue reading

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