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Bleed With Me

In your darkest hour Your inmost despair I never left your side I was always there I held you close While tears you shed Rolled down my shoulders You emotionally bled I bled with you Held you tight Wiped your tears Night after night I walked with you Through decisions unwise I talked you through … Continue reading

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Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

Judgement is a natural reaction to discovering almost any piece of information. We all judge. We don’t do it consciously, though. It’s innate. It’s human nature. Most of us know it’s wrong, yet we can’t stop ourselves from doing it. Not long ago I learned just how judgemental I was. During a pivotal moment in … Continue reading

Journey Back to Me

I haven’t written a poetic duet in some time. I am ecstatic to present a new duet, this time with a new duet partner. Susan, of Polysyllabic Profundities, can craft words more expertly than Martha Stewart can bake a cake. I am honored to have collaborated with her on our first (of hopefully many) poetic … Continue reading

Invalidation. My Most Difficult Post.

I’m a fairly easy-going person.  I’m not just saying this.  People tell me.  When the office orders pizza, I’m the one who responds, “I can pick off what I don’t like.” I’m not allergic, so that nano-drop of pepperoni oil isn’t gonna kill me, even if I gag a little in my mouth. I also … Continue reading

Cupid’s Serenade

Vacant heart Empty shell Drifting vessel Lonesome hell Chance encounter Friendship born Ties that bind Loyalty sworn Feelings intensify Passions ignite Two souls combine Amorous light Vows exchanged Promises made Happily ever after Cupid’s serenade Years pass by People change Time divides Mistakes estrange Hide the pain Feeling unnerved Legal counsel sought Divorce papers served … Continue reading

Over and Out

Ears ambushed by words carving straight into my brain try to sort this out.

Too Late

Relatable Song: The High Road

Every once in a while a song comes along that seems to perfectly describe a time in your life that you just get stuck on it and listen to that song over and over. Or is that just me? I’ve written previously about such songs and I have found another song which perfectly describes a time … Continue reading

A Simple Kindness

They sat at the end of the couch. He was actually on the couch and she sat on his lap facing him. They were making small talk. Goofing around, Exploring each other. Having fun. He had already found out how ticklish she was. Every now and again he would grab her sides just above her … Continue reading

Whilst it Lasted

Conversation flows from one topic to another Any subject goes we’re connecting with each other My mind you have blown with the layers I discover All that you have shown will encompass like no other Yet consciousness knows the boundaries need to smother Potential unknown as the heart breaks mask will cover Once again alone … Continue reading

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