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Miraculous Man and the Drunken Farm Boys

My boss is an idiot. Those were the words flowing through Matt’s mind as he traversed a narrow, two-lane road carving it’s way through the hills of Northern Kentucky. The pizza joint he worked for was getting desperate for business, and had expanded its delivery radius as a result. Now, Matt had to deliver to … Continue reading

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Dead Set Part 29

DS opened his cell phone after the text message alert went off. He didn’t like what he saw. The message was simple. It said, “They’re coming for you. Get your family out.”   “Shit,” he muttered to himself as he watched Samantha’s car pull up. He opened the door and yelled, “Hurry up. We don’t … Continue reading

Dead Set Part 17

“I knew you didn’t care about me,” Gabriel spat. “Bullshit,” Christian screamed. “Because of what they did to you, I became something I never thought I’d be: a killer. I took the life of everyone in that place in grief of what they did.” “You lie again, Father. Death killed those men as a sign … Continue reading

Dead Set Part 16

“Revenge for what,” Christian asked of Gabriel. “You left Mom and I to die, so you could save Samantha! You put her safety over mine and it cost me everything, so I’m going to take her away from you. If I had to lose everything, then so will you.” “You’re not going to touch her.” … Continue reading

Dead Set Part 15

DS arrived home to find a message waiting for him on his computer. He clicked a few buttons in order to decipher the encryption. The message was short and simple: FIND AND KILL THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE POLICE MURDERS. How had they found out so quickly? And how was he going to accomplish the … Continue reading

Dead Set Part 13

Whiting sat over his sleeping friend. The priest had been asleep for over an hour. During that time, the reporter kept thinking about the fear that overtook him. What was powerful enough to affect them like that? Whatever it was, it obviously was worse for Father Michaels. Fear still lingered in him, but it wasn’t … Continue reading

SWFF: A Race To Danger Part 8

“Don’t just sit there,” I yelled at Envy. “Get that thing out of here.” “Master,” he replied, “I am programmed for translation and swoop bike repair. What part of either of those two bits of programming make you think I know how to dispose of a bomb? Idiot.” “Do it anyway, you bucket of bolts!” … Continue reading

Dead Set Part 12

“An impressive power,” Death commented. “Too bad it has no effect on eternals, Life.” “Says you,” Christian retorted. “He’s right,” DS chimed in. “I’ve tried to use it on both of you, but it didn’t work.” “You’ve tried to do that to me before,” Christian asked the assassin. “How many times?”

Dead Set Part 11

Christian awoke without knowing how he got where he was. The last thing he remembered was Death laughing at him. He sat up and began thinking about what Death had told him. As an Eternal, he was obligated to perform duties, like Death had said, but he hadn’t done any for centuries. When did everything … Continue reading

Dead Set Part 10

  Darkness surrounded him. He looked around and saw nothing except for emptiness. Suddenly, a flash of light momentarily blinded him. When his vision finally cleared, he saw a man and two doors. The man he knew, but hadn’t seen in a long time. The doors were still a mystery. They stood, staring at each … Continue reading

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