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Stupid People

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Neighbor, This Isn’t Okay Either

I live in an ignoble community of townhouses. Row after disheveled row of buildings huddled together for a quarter-mile, filling both sides of the street on which I reside. Each building contains 6 or 7 units. This means that I see and learn a lot more about my neighbors than I care to. For instance, … Continue reading

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FML, Disney Collector

[Stuph Maphia, please welcome back Emily, of The Waiting fame, who is here to release some pent up anger. This is just the perfect place to do that... Anyhow, please ensure that after you enjoy this heaping of literary goodness Emily has served up that you head on over to her blog and click on … Continue reading

Blaming and Punishing The Victim

According to Wikipedia, victim blaming happens when “the victim of a crime or any wrongful act is held entirely or partially responsible for the harm that befell them,” and that is the most apt definition I can think of. To put it simply, victim blaming is when the victim is blamed for something someone else … Continue reading

Too Stupid For His Own Good – How I Accidentally Got Someone Fired

It started at as it normally did; an email from him saying he had a computer that wouldn’t boot and he was going to send it to me to fix. This Desktop is beeping and the red light on the front is blinking. It sound like the Bios or the motherboard maybe bad. I’m sending … Continue reading

RTotD: 3/2

It’s that time again, everyone. It’s time for you to take a brief step into my brain. I promise to try and make it as painless as possible, but I guarantee nothing. If you start to experience any side effects, please consult your doctor immediately. We here at Stuphblog take no responsibility for it if … Continue reading

Having Ears Is Sometimes A Bad Thing

Yesterday, at work, I was doing my normal thing. I was boxing up radios and shipping them off to idiotic car dealerships all over this nation. During most of that time, however, I was also contemplating cutting my ears off. For the last four or five hours I was there, they were being cruelly, and … Continue reading

The Reason Bad Things Happen to You is Because You’re a Dumbass

Let’s pretend, dear reader. Pretend you’re a wanted criminal. The crime is irrelevant to this hypothetical situation, so whatever crimes you’ve always dreamed of committing but haven’t because you have, you know, morals…pretend you did that. Finally. Next, let’s pretend that the police are so inept that they can’t catch you, which, let’s face it, … Continue reading

I’m Not Human

I decided a long time ago to no longer watch the news or peruse news sites. I could no longer tolerate the avalanche of bad news I would digest on a daily basis. War. Murder. Rape. Inequality. Hatred. I couldn’t take it any more and had no desire for their constant reminders. Sadly, actively avoiding … Continue reading

Hero of the Moment: Drunk Ferry Thief

It’s been a minute since I wrote a Hero of the Moment post, mostly because I don’t much follow the news any more. However, someone shared a link on Facebook yesterday, leading to this post. Alison Whelan, a 51-year old Brit, had a grand 48 hours of drinking and eating deadly nightshade, a known hallucinogen. … Continue reading


I’m a fairly laid back guy. It usually takes a lot to get me angry. Most of the time, the things that piss me off are things that happen to me at work. This is another one of those times. For those of you who don’t already know, my company repairs factory installed car stereos … Continue reading

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