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This Is The End

This is going to be the second most difficult post I’ll ever publish. The first is long gone, and hurt someone very special to me. I have been blogging here since right before Baby C was born. For three and a half years I have written and read, and formed (and lost) multiple friendships. These … Continue reading

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So….There’s No Emergency?

A couple of weeks ago I was perusing my Facebook feed while bored at work and came across a story from one of the local news stations here about footgolf. The term piqued my curiosity so I clicked on the link. Basically, footgolf is golf with a soccer ball. And bigger holes. You in the … Continue reading

Yeah, I Know I’m Late…

Hey, boss. What? Yeah, I know I’m 45 minutes late. Eh? Why? Well, do you want the whole list or the top 10? Hahahahaha…oh. Not funny? Sigh… Are you sure you want to hear this? I mean, it’s a perfectly reasonable explanation, but it’s quite a tale. Oh? My job depends on it? Well, then … Continue reading

Blunt Life Coach Speaks About Women, Winter, and the Internet

Greetings. It is time again for the real reason you all follow this blog; time for me to answer your misguided, inarticulate questions and give meaning to your lives. I cringe at the thought of you all navigating life without my guidance. Let’s dive right in, shall we? Name: Al Help me, BLC. You’re my only … Continue reading

Blunt Life Coach Speaks About Lesbians, Politics, and Disposing of Bodies

[Editor's Note: I apologize for the gaping span between BLC posts. This whole music challenge thingy was more challenging than I anticipated it would be.] [Author's Note: Quit whining about challenges being challenging, douchegoblin.] Greetings, dunces of the Maphia. It is I, Blunt Life Coach, here to answer your more than likely idiotic questions. No … Continue reading

The Accidental Prognosticator

It’s funny how certain songs get tied to certain memories or how when we hear certain songs we’re reminded of events bound to that song. While listening to my playlist this morning a song played which reminded me of this gem… My very good friend and his fiancé we’re sitting on my couch, discussing their upcoming … Continue reading

I Forgive, But Never Forget

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.” Alexander Pope There was a time when I was ruthlessly cold and callously unforgiving. In a little black box hidden in the back of my mind I stored the details of every time I’d been wronged. The sin. The offender. The anger. The hate. The belief that I … Continue reading

You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry

I realize that this will be my third post today and that is completely abnormal for me, but I need to unload. I know I’m stressing the belt around your email account’s waste, but I don’t care. As most of you deduced from a poem I published last week, Superbitch moved out. Despite both of our … Continue reading

Neighbor, This Isn’t Okay Either

I live in an ignoble community of townhouses. Row after disheveled row of buildings huddled together for a quarter-mile, filling both sides of the street on which I reside. Each building contains 6 or 7 units. This means that I see and learn a lot more about my neighbors than I care to. For instance, … Continue reading

Saturday 9: I’ll Be There for You

It’s Saturday! The weekend is under way! Being that it’s Saturday, of course, means it’s time for the Saturday 9, hosted by Sam. This week’s theme is the song I’ll Be There For You, which was the theme song for Friends, the best sitcom EVAR! So sit back and enjoy learning more about me than … Continue reading

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