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Can A Prank Go Too Far?

Surely you’ve all seen the old show Punk’d where Ashton Kutcher plays elaborate pranks on fellow celebrities. You’d laugh along while the looks on those being Punk’d would say, “Is this shit really happening to me?” At the end of the episode the prank would be revealed and everyone would have a hardy laugh. And possibly utter … Continue reading

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FML, Disney Collector

[Stuph Maphia, please welcome back Emily, of The Waiting fame, who is here to release some pent up anger. This is just the perfect place to do that... Anyhow, please ensure that after you enjoy this heaping of literary goodness Emily has served up that you head on over to her blog and click on … Continue reading

Blaming and Punishing The Victim

According to Wikipedia, victim blaming happens when “the victim of a crime or any wrongful act is held entirely or partially responsible for the harm that befell them,” and that is the most apt definition I can think of. To put it simply, victim blaming is when the victim is blamed for something someone else … Continue reading

Too Stupid For His Own Good – How I Accidentally Got Someone Fired

It started at as it normally did; an email from him saying he had a computer that wouldn’t boot and he was going to send it to me to fix. This Desktop is beeping and the red light on the front is blinking. It sound like the Bios or the motherboard maybe bad. I’m sending … Continue reading

Blunt Life Coach Might Be A Bit Tipsy

Twindaddy is drunk at the moment so I figured now is as good a time as any to assume control and bless you all with my invaluable knowledge. I know you all get lost without my direction and insight, so I’m here to answer your more than likely stupid questions. Shall we begin? Name: benzeknees … Continue reading

Free-For-All Friday

Forces of nature have conspired against me this week to prevent me from completing a Feature Friday post. In other words, I actually had to work at work this week. What the fuck is that shit all about? Don’t they know I have blogging to do?? Since I have nothing of substance to share with … Continue reading

The Results Are In – Hand Me The Envelope Please

I wanted to have this post ready to go this morning, but fate had other plans in store. Yesterday here in da ‘Nati we had hours of freezing rain, which then saw 6 inches of snow dumped on top of it by a premenstrual mother nature. I ended up staying home from work today because … Continue reading

Urination Strenuation

There are a lot of things our bodies do which we loathe and could quite readily do without. Our bodies do things which embarrass us or downright make life miserable. That fart which loudly forces its way out mid-coitus, for instance. Getting diarrhea (woot! I spelled it right on the first try!) on a road … Continue reading

Blunt Life Coach Has Had Enough

Good afternoon, fuckwits. Just kidding. I don’t mean that. At least, I don’t mean the “good afternoon” part. I definitely meant the fuckwit part. I’m digressing already. Let’s get back on track, shall we? On the extremely slim chance you’ve forgotten what it is I do here (you’re a dumbass if you have), I answer … Continue reading

The Reason Bad Things Happen to You is Because You’re a Dumbass

Let’s pretend, dear reader. Pretend you’re a wanted criminal. The crime is irrelevant to this hypothetical situation, so whatever crimes you’ve always dreamed of committing but haven’t because you have, you know, morals…pretend you did that. Finally. Next, let’s pretend that the police are so inept that they can’t catch you, which, let’s face it, … Continue reading

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