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A Wish Not So Cliche

Hi there.  This is going to be short and sweet.  Ya know when you are watching something like Miss Universe, and they ask the world changing questions to see who will win?  Invariably, the question “What is your greatest wish?” is amongst the top.  Many times the answer is, “World Peace.” At that point in … Continue reading

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TV and Violence

Fictionalized violence. Does it cause violence in the real world? Hardly.  Does watching Comedy Central make one funny?  Of course not.  Does watching The Natural make one a star baseball player?  Don’t be ridiculous. In my experience, violence is either a learned or innate behavior.  People are either born violent or raised in a violent … Continue reading

And the Season Turns – What’s Your Favorite Season?

Even though the calendar told us it was spring a couple of weeks ago (well, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, anyhow), Mother Nature didn’t grace us with Spring-like weather until this past weekend.  I was able to open my windows and let the damp, cool breeze permeate my home and listen to … Continue reading

People Who Live in Glass Houses (with a rant at the end)

Hi again.  I normally don’t do the daily prompt as I like to think I can pull something creative from the part of my brain that isn’t filled with fog.  Snobby?  Not really, considering I managed to insult myself in the same sentence.  Anyway, it was more work than I planned to do.  I clicked … Continue reading

Happy PI Day!

Hi there, everyone.  I just wanted to say happy Pi Day.  I’m a geek and the day snuck up on me.  Til a friend reminded me, I forgot that I planned on staying up til 1:59…happy 3.14159 Day! 1j1. Related articles One crazy formula for Pi Day: 1337% of Pi is Everything Pi Day Pi … Continue reading

Blunt Life Coach™: 2/2/2013

It’s that special time of week when I let Blunt Life Coach™ take the reigns and answer your well-conceived questions.  Or horribly abnormal questions.  Even though he’s made a couple of appearances in the last week, including giving my eulogy, the questions don’t get answered without him. So without further ado (I need to find … Continue reading

The Return of Blunt Life Coach™

It is time.  The moment has arrived.  The most anticipated event since the last most anticipated event is finally here.  Yes, dearest reader, it is the return of Blunt Life Coach™.

Daily Prompt: Polite Company

“It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree? It’s been a while since a participated in the Daily Prompt.  Although I’m sure you’ve all had withdrawals, I commend you for your perseverance for, uh, persevering through those tough times.  But I’m back, and I’m here … Continue reading

“This Gun Killed Someone”

Originally posted on Little Miss Wordy:
The instructions read: Connect the dots to see the picture, then draw something you might see in it. He drew a picture of a gun floating in white space, with the word “News” above it. When asked to explain his picture he said, “The news is on TV, and this…

Parenting Fail

I’ve used this here space to address parenting fails many times before, but never my own.  *gasp*  Twindaddy, you have failed as a parent?  Well, not entirely, but nobody’s perfect. During my morning commute this morning – is that too redundant?  I can never tell – I was messing with Baby B because, hey, he … Continue reading

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