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The Fish In The Pants

In the summer of 1985, I went on my first real vacation. By real, I mean my family and I didn’t sleep in the spare room at a relative’s house for a week. We piled in to the family station wagon and made the 12-hour trek from da ‘Nati to Sunset Beach, North Carolina. I … Continue reading

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Freakin’ kids

  So this weekend we’re going to Whitmore Lake in Michigan for a family reunion.  I took the following week off so I could spend some time with my children. Among the things I had planned was going to see the new Spiderman and Batman movies with them. So much for that idea.  They’re both … Continue reading

Flash fiction: Justice, Interupted

I had an enjoyable day at the beach after having dispatched another customer service villain earlier today.   I soaked in the sun for a bit, then waded out into the salty ocean to cool myself down.  Yes, it was a truly wonderful day. My parents and I are now dining at a local seafood … Continue reading

The longest roadtrip ever

So WordPress has again given me a topic to write about.  “Describe the longest roadtrip you’ve ever taken,” it commanded.  So I shall comply. In August of 2007, myself, my brothers, my dad, and stepsister (plus families) all rented a huge condo for a week in Myrtle Beach.  And we all drove separately. Worst. Roadtrip. … Continue reading

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