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Fish Of Goldness Contestery

Recently, I entered The FOG Extravaganza Giveawayery. Normally, I don’t enter contests, because I never win. I did this time for 3 reasons: One, with a name that cool, this contest was bound to be epic. Two, it was Mad Libs, and Mad Libs rule. Three, it was done by Goldfish, who is talented, smart, … Continue reading

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I’m a winner!

….I was a winner in the Jen and Tonic 12 Days of Christmas extravaganza.  I was truly excited.  The last time I had won anything so awesomely spectacular was when I won a Taco Bell pin for buying a 49-cent taco.

An award? For Me? I’d like to thank all the little people I stepped on to get here….

We’ve been nominated for our very first award:  The Versatile Blogger Award. I searched frantically (for like 10 minutes) for the actual criteria for this award, and the only thing I could find anywhere are the rules listed below.  I thought maybe there were certain measures that might need to be reached in order to … Continue reading

It’s Been Another While

I haven’t posted in a couple of months.  Mostly for two reasons:  1)Lil Man is taking up a lot of my free time and 2)I’ve been working a lot of overtime. I have some things to talk about so I’ll divide it up into some other posts, but here are some non sequiturs: Congrats to … Continue reading

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