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When The Demon Wins

Deep in a dank gutter Where I currently live Buried beneath responsibilities Not a single fuck to give I           don’t                                 care Swarms of demons tug Pulling me under I try to tread water Yet I’m broken asunder piece                   by                                 piece A malevolent fog obscures Resides in my mind Cloudy with … Continue reading

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Share Your World – 2014 Week 16

It’s hump day! That magical day that….you know what? There’s nothing magical about it. Sure, hump day sounds like all kinds of fun, but it’s just a ruse. Hump day is just another vile day in which you still get woken by an alarm, still have to go to work, and still have to stay … Continue reading

Rambling About Conflict

As it is wont to do, my mind wandered for some time after I went to bed last night. I realized I didn’t have a post ready for today, nor did I have any ideas what to discuss. I then had the following conversation…with myself. Twindaddy: You know, you haven’t participated in the Daily Prompt in … Continue reading

Ten Things of Thankful #44

My new English BFFL (I’ve decided to have one for every continent – filling the one for Antarctica is gonna be tough) Lizzi implored me to try this blog hop she helps host. The blog hop is Ten Things of Thankful, which is a weekly blog hop in which the participants list ten things each … Continue reading

Saturday 9: Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Thank you for tuning in to another edition of Saturday 9, hosted by Crazy Sam. For those of you new to this endeavor (ohhhh….big words), Saturday 9 is a weekly interrogation consisting of 9 questions posed by our host, Crazy Sam. You, in turn, get to learn minute details about me. Things you most likely … Continue reading

25 Days of Songs: I Challenge You!

“Hey! Wait a minute! It’s Friday! Where the fuck is our Feature Friday post?” you’re no doubt wondering. Eh? You’re not? Well fuck you then. Anyhow, I just didn’t have time to get to a proper Feature Friday post this week. At least, not in time to give the featured blogger time to review the post … Continue reading

Share Your World – 2014 Week 15

It’s Wednesday! It means we’re halfway through the week! We’ve made it to the top of the “hump” and it’s all downhill from here. Or something. Hump day is my self-designated day to share my world, where I answer insightful questions posed by the lovely Cee, and raise the blinds to the window of my … Continue reading

Saturday 9: I’ll Be There for You

It’s Saturday! The weekend is under way! Being that it’s Saturday, of course, means it’s time for the Saturday 9, hosted by Sam. This week’s theme is the song I’ll Be There For You, which was the theme song for Friends, the best sitcom EVAR! So sit back and enjoy learning more about me than … Continue reading

Share Your World – 2014 Week 14

The calendar tells me it’s Wednesday. Of course, my rejoinder is, “Why the hell isn’t it Friday?” Sigh. In addition to Wednesday being Hump Day, it’s also the day I like to Share My World. Every Wednesday I submit to an interrogation by Cee and answer questions that allow you all to know the real … Continue reading

Saturday 9: Can’t Buy Me Love

It’s Saturday! Yay! It means that I got to sleep in this morning! I hope… It also means it’s time for the Saturday 9, hosted by Sam. This week’s questions are inspired by The Beatles, which will certainly make Merry happy. Well, I suppose I should stop stalling and get to the questions, eh? 1) … Continue reading

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