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The Good Advice You Just Can’t Take

[Editor’s Note: This post has been in the works for weeks. I kept trying to write it, but another blogger kept finding her way into my blog and interrupting my thoughts. While this post tackles a serious issue for myself and my intruder, it’s fairly light-hearted at times, too. I hope you enjoy reading this … Continue reading

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Sheltering Heart

Originally posted on Serins Sphere:
 Written by: Twindaddy & Serins Let me lay in your arms while I cry.  Let me hold on to you while I try not to die. Please hold me just hold me. Let me crawl up within your strong embrace. … Let me cry. Let me be fragile. Let me…

Guest Bards: The Reaper’s Call

Originally posted on The Well Tempered Bards:
It’s funny where the mind takes you when you’re writing. I started this poem with a completely different direction in mind, but this is where it ended when the words took control and guided me towards their intended destination. DISCLAIMER: This is not how I feel and does…

No Words

Another duet with the very talented and beautiful Miss Hasty. Evil permeates despite prayer Wrongful deeds induce despair Shady deals clandestinely struck Shameless sinners run amok I coat my heart in layers of silver and gold For when I was younger it was far too bold It yearned for faith, and hope, and love Learning … Continue reading

Plunging to the Black

I, again, have had the utter pleasure of writing a poetic duet with the very talented Miss Hasty. Please visit her blog and follow her for beautiful poetry and a great bloggy friend. Voices swim by Muted as I drown In the crystal calm Away from sound Light fades slowly Dancing in waves Blissful asphyxiation … Continue reading

Bloggy Love

Many of us peck away at our keyboards and upload our prose into the virtual ether because we enjoy writing. Many of us use blogging as a therapeutic outlet for atrocities we’ve endured. Some of us use it as an outlet for both. Other’s have words rattling around in their heads and blogging is a … Continue reading

When Skies Are Gray

[Editor's Note: This post is part of a song blog hop. START AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SONG to read the whole thing, as it bounces around the Blogosphere singing: You Are My Sunshine.] Today is someone’s birthday. Of course, I’m sure you’re all aware of that. There are over 7 billion people on this planet, … Continue reading

Feature Friday: Words and Other Things

Has it truly been 7 days? It has! It’s yet another Friday! This isn’t just any Friday, either. It’s the 4th of July, and that’s a big deal here in the states. It’s the day, oh so long ago, that we declared independence from the evil monarchy across the pond, and in unity declared, “Hey! … Continue reading

Yeah, I Know I’m Late…

Hey, boss. What? Yeah, I know I’m 45 minutes late. Eh? Why? Well, do you want the whole list or the top 10? Hahahahaha…oh. Not funny? Sigh… Are you sure you want to hear this? I mean, it’s a perfectly reasonable explanation, but it’s quite a tale. Oh? My job depends on it? Well, then … Continue reading

Awaiting a New Dawn

That feeling you get when no matter how much you sleep You feel like a zombie locked away in depression’s keep There is no energy and no fucks to give Your soul languishing, seeking a reason to live Motivation is merely a word, not something you recognize Craters the size of Texas fester under your … Continue reading

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