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Countess Penelope and the Jedi Mind Trick

[Editor's Note: I am very pleased and humbled to welcome a very talented author to the ranks of our guest bloggers here, Maphia. Helena Hann-Basquiat is an insanely talented writer whose prose reek of elegance and hilarity, as you are about to find out. I know you'll enjoy this every bit as much as I did.] I … Continue reading

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10 Things I Would Totally Do If I Had Jedi Powers

Have you ever been arguing with someone and just wanted to force-choke that bitch because he or she just wasn’t getting it? Have you ever tried your best to talk someone into doing something and wished the you could just wave your hand and they’d absent-mindedly yield to your demands? Have you ever sat down … Continue reading

Remember your failure at the cave?

Ok, folks.  Baby C had been on a Star Wars kick lately so we’ve been watching a TON of Star Wars.  I’m not complaining because, you know, Star Wars, but as soon as he comes into the house he points to the TV and says, “Star Wars!”  So in the past couple of weeks we’ve … Continue reading

The Problem is Not The Problem

I wasn’t going to do today’s prompt because I don’t really have a favorite movie.  I have a plethora of movies that are among my favorites, but not a clear-cut favorite amongst them.  But then I realized that this would be my seventh day in a row of doing the Daily Prompt, so I should … Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Burnt – All That Remains

Another day, another gloomy topic from the Daily Post.  What gives?  Is there no positivity to be had anymore? In today’s prompt, we examine the charred remains of what we didn’t rescue from our burning houses yesterday.  Yay.  I shall tackle this topic with as much enthusiasm and excitement as Ben Stein would, though, cause … Continue reading

Top Ten “Weird Al” Yankovic Songs

So this morning while cleaning house, the twins and I listened to “Weird Al” Yankovic.  While listening I felt inspired to count down his best (in my opinion) songs. I was introduced to “Weird Al” in 1988.  I had asked for a copy of Michael Jackson’s Bad for my birthday.  My dad wasn’t paying attention … Continue reading

Worst Star Wars movie: Attack of the Clones

I’ve long thought that Attack of the Clones is the weakest Star Wars movie of the two trilogies.  Sure, the entire prequel trilogy is weak compared to the original trilogy, but it is still enjoyable to me.  Mostly. I popped Episode I into the DVD player the other day and watched it, and still the … Continue reading

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